Travian builder

Travian builder is the leading bot in travian private servers, providing fast and flawless automation for you travian account. Improve your empire with Travian builder!

With travian builder, you can leave your account running without being detected as bot by using our anti bot detection system.


  • Professional raid system with multiple selections for better raiding
  • Professional farm finder system with ability to scan whole game with a few minutes
  • Automatic upgrade of resources and buildings
  • Automatic troops training with normal and great barracks, stable, workshop
  • Automatic troops researching
  • Automatic troops improve (smithy)
  • Automatic run celebrations
  • Automatic hero adventures
  • Automatic hero points distrubution based on your preferences
  • In app browser for accessing your account immediately
  • Resource exchange with multiple strategies
  • Multiaccount support
  • Proxy support
  • Automatic updates